RSD Madison Introduces the “LIFEGAME” 5 Day Bootcamp Experience

5 Action-Packed Days of LIFESTYLE GAME with RSD Madison
& His Expert Crew of Assistant Instructors

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Madison Bootcamp
at Home Digital Course:
Supreme Level 3

30 Minute Pre
Bootcamp Skype Coaching


    • Day 1: Day Session
    • Day 1: Night Session
    • Fashion Consultation
    • Tinder & Bumble Profile
    • Photoshoot (with my professional photographer friend) This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity that you will likely never have again, the city is beautiful, you are going to have a bunch of cool friends with you, we will be at the hottest parties and events and you will get a stockpile of quality pics to boost your online profile.
    • Optimization - Doing this on day one allows you to work your dating apps and get my help for the ENTIRE 5 DAYS! Hit The Clubs!
    • Day 2: Day Session
    • Day 2: Night Session
    • Messaging/Social Media Workshop
    • Hit The Clubs!
  • Day 3: Night Session
  • Hit The Clubs!
    • Day 4: Day Session
    • Day 4: Night Session
    • Daygame
    • Hit The Clubs!
    • Day 5: Day Session
    • Day 5: Night Session
    • Lifestyle Workshop
      • Farewell Dinner
      • Dominate The Clubs!

What’s good?

Madison here,

My team of assistants and I are gearing up for two high-octane weeks of LIFEGAME Bootcamps coming up at the end of February! The week of Winter Summit is already full, but there is still spots on the week after.


Here is the official pua dictionary definition of LIFEGAME – noun
  • The art and science of infusing one’s everyday life with cold-approach fundamentals, social circle game and digital dating strategies and to keep your world FULL of QUALITY women (while simultaneously making major strides in your career, education, or business.)
  • In a nutshell, LIFEGAME, allows you to put your primary focus on your career, education or your business and leverages your cold-approach skill, status, online presence and friends to attract women. With LIFEGAME, your life becomes BEFORE the game!
  • LIFEGAME is the natural evolution for an RSD student who has made the game the primary focus of his life for an extended period of time… he has EVOLVED past the “7 nights a week” paradigm and can’t spend as much time doing cold approach anymore.
  • He is still single, has plowed through his share of 7s and now wants to leverage his hard-won cold-approach skills and “man-in-his-prime” status to fill his life with girls that are on the “upper-echelon” who are “A List” who are the “total package” who are “wife material” who are “ok to hit raw because if you get her pregnant you know that kid would be awesome.”

What does a LIFEGAME Bootcamp entail?

A LIFEGAME Bootcamp is where you, me and my assistants,
come together to live the man in his prime lifestyle for

  • We go out together EVERY DAMN NIGHT.
  • We Daygame!
  • We collaborate and optimize our online dating profiles and messaging strategy… aka… “How would you respond to this?” “Which picture should I use?”
  • We workshop our social media presence to GUARANTEE it will intrigue every girl you connect with digitally.
  • We do a photoshoot with professional photographers to get you QUALITY PICS.
  • We connect with my high status friends to embed true alpha behaviors and mindsets at your core!
  • We go shopping, tighten up your style and ensure your wardrobe matches with your new high-status character. (I have YEARS of experience in the fashion industry).

How is a LIFEGAME Bootcamp Different
than a 3 Day Bootcamp?

1. We focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY.

I would much rather get you a make-out and a phone number from a smart sexy 9 model than get you a bathroom lay from a club rat 6.

If you are looking to simply boost your lay count, the LIFEGAME Bootcamp is NOT for you.

LIFEGAME is about going after those “blue-chip stocks” in the feminine sexual marketplace… and to get them, you will need to develop a new and evolved set of seduction skills.

I have that particular set of skills, skills that I have acquired from dating 100s of models and high-class women, skills that make me a dream coach for clients like you.

I specialize in MODELS 🤤, it is a documented fact, go look at the infield, I can’t show you their faces, but with bodies like these… do I really need to?

I know what makes models tick. I was an insider in the fashion world for years. I have been backstage at the runway shows, on set at the shoots, and talked to thousands of these girls… I will teach you how to talk their talk and how to position yourself as the high status type of guy that they usually date.


3 days is great for hammering you with cold-approach concepts but with 5 days, we can take a holistic approach to game…

I am going to show you how a girl you matched with on Bumble on Day 1 will come out with us on Day 4. How to pull a girl you cold-approached on Day 2 back to your place AND get her to meet back up with you. This is a holistic approach to the game, where everything works SYNERGISTICALLY.

You are going to get the FULL strategy – logistics, where to take girls, dates, pulling, daygame, everything is in the curriculum… Plus, I KNOW these cities… which means you will know PERFECT date locations and all the hotspots to meet girls.

3. I am going to show you how to RETAIN girls!

Are you tired of going out, getting an awesome one-night stand with cute girl and having her fall off?

I CAN FIX THAT. I will show you how to preframe the interaction to keep her around. I will teach you how to properly display the right behaviors and status indicators so she INVESTS.

These skills are CRUCIAL if you want to build a rotation and eventually choose an exclusive girlfriend from many options.

Let me teach you the RULES OF RETENTION so you stop LOSING your quality girls. You invest a lot of time and energy into attracting them… together we will make sure your investment gets return after return.

4. We go beyond “pickup.”

As a group we goal set, strategize and push each other to develop our full potential as men.

The LIFEGAME Bootcamp is For YOU!

These high end Bootcamps are for guys who have shit going on in their lives…

Maybe you are going to school, training for a high end job, etc…

… and you need to live your life first and game second!

You can’t afford to go out and get drunk every night…

You have a reputation, and can’t approach every girl in your neighborhood.

You want to conserve your energy and not run around nightclub after nightclub like chicken with its head cut off doing 1,000,000 approaches.

For you, game is a supplement to your potently attractive self. It is an amplifier, an accelerator to the already incredible you are leading.

LIFEGAME is the logical evolution in pickup – you can’t keep focusing on game – girls are going to know that you are a long term gamer, they can feel it. You put a lot of energy in at the beginning of your journey and now it is time to EVOLVE.

You want to take the energy you have put into cold-approach and use it to create some good in the world. My mission is to help you do that WHILE getting you MORE dates with HOTTER girls.

Does that sound too good to be true? Don’t think it can be done? It can. I have helped hundreds of guys set up their life in this way.


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